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Hi Everyone,

I hope you people are enjoying my posts here. I am trying my best to share as much information as possible. In this blog, I will share my write ups, programming techniques, information on hacking and other stuff related to technology.

Contacting Me

Please contact me only for the following purposes

  1. You're in doubt or want me to clarify any of the things I've described in any of my post
  2. You'd like to share additional information which you want to see appear in my blog (with a credit to your profile)
  3. I am working as a freelance web, mobile app developer and a website designer and You want to assign any project or want to outsource a project.
  4. Want to pentest your website or secure/hack proof your website or web app.
  5. Invite to Private Bug Bounty Programs
  6. To request contribution in your JavaScript Open Source projects
You can reach me at sagarvd1995[at]gmail[dot]com or sagarvd[at]vdevs[dot]in

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If you liked my posts or my posts helped you somewhere, you can support me to so that I can contribute more time in sharing useful informations.

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