How to earn some internet points on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow, the largest QA site for professional, founded by Jeff and Joel in 2008 and became an encyclopedia for everyone who work or interested in Information Technology. It became an essential part of every programmer's life. Unlike other sites, Stack Overflow focuses only on technology. Any question that are not related to technology will be closed as off topic there. Also questions to recommend some software or hardware is unacceptable by the community.

To get high reputation on Stack Overflow, you have to consider lot of things.

1. Choose your Tag(s)

Each Stack Overflow question is tagged with programming language, tools, etc. So you can watch the tags of your interest to see new questions immediately when they posted.

Choose wisely because if you answer wrongly, you may lose reputation because of down votes.

There are certain tags that have high traffic. If you choose such a tag, your earnings will be high.

2. Be a FGIW

Try to be the first answer. Being the first one to answer, the chances that your answer get maximum view are high. Also your answer will stay at the top. So in future, every visitor will, first saw your answer. So you can get some points from that too.

Note that, while you're trying to be the first to answer, don't answer  with rubbish stuff. As already mentioned, your answer will be seen by thousands. So if you answer with rubbish content, you may get a lot of down votes.

Try not to write one line answers. Instead write the solution and a description. It is not just about gaining rep but it's about building a programming encyclopedia. So each contribution is valuable.

3. Don't answer on stupid questions.

If you answer to a question which is very simple or didn't show any research effort, don't answer to that question. Both question and answer will be down voted.

4. When asking, search first and then ask.

When you're about to ask a question, don't forget to search first, then attempt to solve it and if failed, ask it and show what you've done so for. That will make good question.

If you're unsure whether it is on topic or not, visit the off topic page.

5. Respond to queries.

People may have questions after reading your answer and that's for what the comments are there. If someone asked a doubt, clarify it. If someone suggested some edit, check it with your answer and accept it if necessary.

6. Answer to bounty questions.

Bounties are a good way to gain reputation much faster and are exempt from the 200 daily rep cap.

Here's how the reputation system works

Up vote for a question = +5
Up vote for an answer = +10
Answer accepted = +15
Down vote = -2
Down vote another one's answer = -1

There is a rep cap of 200 reputation. Which means you can earn maximum of 200 reputation per day from up votes. Accepted answers are exempt from this.

Stack Overflow will appreciate your efforts. You can get a flair to insert somewhere in your webpage.

Here's mine

profile for Sagar V at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
profile for Sagar V on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites


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