A Self Introduction Post - Who Am I and What I do

Hello Everyone,

        This post exists so that you can have a little intro about myself and I don't have to repeat it in every post.

        Myself, Sagar V from Tanur, Kerala, a tech enthusiast, Angular developer, security analyst and a white hat hacker.
I completed my BE in CSE in 2017 from JCT College of Engineering and Technology, Pichnur, Coimbatore with few arrears(😜😜😜). 

Then I worked as UI Developer at Hakuna Matata Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai from Jan 2017 to Oct 2017 and I used to work with technologies like JavaScript, Angular 2, 4, Bootstrap, jQuery. 

Currently, I am working as freelance web & mobile application developer and an independent security analyst.

You can reach me for any kind of website, web app or mobile application development. In rare cases, I am ready to build desktop apps too. You can also reach me if you want me to test the security of any of your website or web application.

In development, I'm familiar with languages JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SQL and frameworks like Angular, Ionic, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Material and platforms like Heroku, Firebase, AWS, and so on.

As a security analyst, I am familiar with techniques like Stored and Reflected XSS, CSRF, SSRF, RCE, CRLF, UI Redressing, CSP Bypass, Authentication bypass, Privilege Escalation, SQL Injection, Business Logic Flaw, Subdomain Takeover, Email Spoofing and so on.

My family consist of my father, mother, 8 dogs, 4 cats and 1 goat.

I think you got a little info about me. So, from next posts, I will share my thoughts, my findings, few techniques for coding and hacking and other things.

Stay tuned....

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