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Bug in Facebook OAuth. Convert facebook test account to real account in instagram/ oculus

Facebook Provide you the ability to create test accounts for white hat testing. You can create it by visiting the url . Facebook wants you to test for security issues using test accounts only and if you're unable to reproduce an issue with a test account, then it is okay to use a real account you own or you have to get permission from the account owner. Adding Facebook implemented certain limitations for the test accounts. I stuck with the last one. Can't convert to a real user account. Ok let's try it. I tried for about a day in different ways like using the fake email at account recovery system and so on but failed. I was like And then I thought that I might find a way abusing facebook oauth system with test accounts. Navigated to few sites which allows login with facebook. But when I tried login with facebook, It shows an error. Oops!! again screwed. Then I decided to stop there and went to bed because it was 3 AM at night.