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Taking over Facebook Page Tabs

In this post, I'm describing how I was able to take over 4 tabs on Facebook's own Pages.

1. Facebook India Ambassadors
I was browsing Facebook as usual and not in a mood to test anything. I then visited Facebook India's page to check is there any update from Facebook India and that's when I noticed a page tab Facebook India Ambassadors. I clicked on it to see Facebook India's Brand Ambassadors and the tab showed a heroku error page. I was surprised to see that there.It looked interesting to me so I decided to dig further. I found out that it loads a third party website in an iframe in main section.

The url was and I visited the url directly to verify that the subdomain doesn't exist. Heroku shows a does not exist error page if the subdomain doesn't exist.

So I logged into my Heroku account and created a new project and give immense-atoll-4159 as project id. Then I created a simple NodeJS Script for PoC and deployed it to…